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A 12 in x 12 in print with oak wooden graphic bars along the top and bottom. Your personal print will come ready to hang, with the same hanging kit that is included with all of our prints. We’re so excited to offer this petit print, order one to hang among your gallery wall at home, or 3 or 4 to showcase a series of pictures you love.
Specifications:  10 mil polyester fabric  |  100% blockout  |  brilliant color  |  lay-flat, no-curl
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We heard your feedback and we’re excited to have a special offer featuring wooden graphic bars.
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All Our Big Love prints ship out in hand-packed media packaging to make sure your larger-than-life pictures arrive ready to hang and showcase your story.
about us
Our Big Love is a dream we dreamt in 2014. We were planning our wedding, fast, and on a budget.  We wanted our reception to reflect who we are not as Noah and Louisa individually, but who we are together.  We had our decor, our flowers, our music, and our food all lined up but we couldn't shake the feeling that this could be just anyone's wedding reception.  There was nothing tying it to us.  So we came up with the idea of hanging BIG pictures of us all around the event space.  Some were sweet, some were goofy, but they were all perfect reflections of the love we wanted everyone to share that day. Our guests loved how it created an atmosphere that commemorated our devotion to each other. I’ve never been one to love the spotlight, but seeing these pictures up, and everyone's response to it, made me feel totally comfortable with all eyes on me.

Fast forward to today, we want all Our Big Love couples to be able to personalize their venue in an exciting way. I want every bride and groom to get that feeling that I had, on the one of the biggest days of your life, to feel like royalty. We want  to completely transform any reception space into a unique celebration of your big, forever, love.

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at sales@ourbiglove.com or give us a call at 877-636-1280. We look forward to making your event as special as ours.
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